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For The Insured

Why is Liquor Liability Coverage Needed ?

  • To ensure business continuity in the event of a lawsuit.

  • To protect the insured from certain incidents arising from the selling and serving of alcohol.

  • State laws often assign responsibility for patrons’ actions to an establishment that served them alcohol.

  • Our Liquor Liability Policy covers court verdicts, settlement amounts, and Defense Costs

       (attorney’s fees, expert witness fees, etc.) for legitimate as well as fraudulent claims.

Liquor Claim Mitigation and Prevention

One of the most important roles of a Liquor Liability insurer is providing a proper defense against Liquor Liability claims for the benefit of its insureds, which are alcohol serving or selling establishments. The insured plays a very significant role by preventing or mitigating any potential Liquor Liability claims or incidents. The relationship between the insurer and the insured is most effective when both the insurer and the insured perform their respective roles responsibly.

To help prevent or mitigate Liquor Liability claims the insured should:

  • Maintain current copies of alcohol awareness certificates for all employees;

  • Hold regular meetings for all employees to stress the importance of not serving alcoholic beverages to alcohol impaired or minor patrons and how to handle and recognize such patrons;

  • Use ID scanners to check ID's;

  • Arrange alternate transportation for a person who appears intoxicated;

  • Train bouncers and security personnel to use restraint when encountering an intoxicated person.

Alcohol Training for Servers/Sellers

Alcohol server/seller training courses, such as TIPS, ServSafe, and Learn2Serve, not only attain premium reduction and compliance with alcohol training requirements of many states and Liquor Liability insurers, but also empower bartenders, servers and sellers to more responsibly serve and/or sell alcoholic beverages to their customers.  Centrex has partnered with TIPS ( to provide one of the best alcohol training programs to our insureds.  To access a Policy Holder coupon code, for a reduced price for the program, please contact your underwriter at Centrex.

Claim Reporting

The alcohol serving or selling establishment should report all claims or incidents that may involve Liquor Liability or General Liability immediately to their insurance agent. The Insured should retain copies of receipts and credit card slips for three years and save all videos and photographs of all incidents.  Please report all claims to

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