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General Liability Insurance

Expanded Coverage

Specializing in Liquor Liability since 1988, Centrex began writing General Liability in 2012 on most of the same hospitality classes. We provide a stable market with excellent service utilizing financially strong insurance carriers. Centrex now writes General Liability in 43 states plus Washington, D.C.


General Liability Coverage & Limits


  • ISO Commercial General Liability Coverage Form (Form No. CG 00 01 12 04)

  • The Limits of Insurance apply on an each occurrence and aggregate basis

  • Defense cost are covered in addition to policy Limits of Insurance

  • No deductible or SIR - first dollar coverage

  • Employees are covered but only for acts within the scope of their employment by or while performing duties

       related to the conduct of the Named Insured’s business

  • Volunteer workers while performing duties related to the conduct of the Named Insured’s business


Optional Coverages Available for an Additional Charge

  • Assault & Battery coverage buy-back on some risks

  • A separate Aggregate Limit for each insured location

  • Additional Insured coverages (Managers or Lessors of Premises, Grantor of Franchise, Vendors)

  • Employee Benefits Liability (claims made basis)

  • Federal “Act of Terrorism” (TRIA) coverage

  • Stop Gap Employers Liability coverage (only for risks located in Ohio, Washington or Wyoming)

  • A&B sublimits: $25/$50K, $50/$100K, $100/$200K, $150/$200K, $150/$300K, $250/$500K


We offer the following Limits of Insurance for General Liability:                        


NOTE: General Liability will only be quoted if Liquor Liability is quoted.

 For additional information about General Liability contact Alvin Hutchens

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